Top 5 Benefits of Chatbot for Fintech Business

Factors Influencing Users to Use Chatbots in Banking and Fintech Industry in Indonesia IEEE Conference Publication Many FinTech’s have found this to be helpful in risk assessment during the loan process or insurance. Most AI systems are trained on vast amounts of data – ChatGPT is no different. The more data that is gathered to […]

Here Are The Best AI Image Generators

How to effectively prompt for AI art and generative AI image creation The site is also so simple to use and considering DALLE-2’s new price tag, this AI generator is a strong contender. An added plus about this AI art generator is that it allows you to pick different design styles such as realistic, expressionism, […]

What Is the Definition of Machine Learning?

What are Machine Learning Models? Frank Rosenblatt creates the first neural network for computers, known as the perceptron. This invention enables computers to reproduce human ways of thinking, forming original ideas on their own. AI and machine learning can automate maintaining health records, following up with patients and authorizing insurance — tasks that make up […]

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning by Henk Pelk

Latent Semantic Analysis and its Uses in Natural Language Processing This analysis gives the power to computers to understand and interpret sentences, paragraphs, or whole documents, by analyzing their grammatical structure, and identifying the relationships between individual words of the sentence in a particular context. Elizabeth and Alice, are chatbots systems adapted later, based on […]